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Rio del Lago 100: A Tale of Two Races

I started training the week I got back from Ellen and my honeymoon, with this being my only goal race this year. Peak mileage was around 60 miles a week, and that seems to have worked well for me. Training wasn’t perfect, but I did get in most of my runs and worked hard on my long runs to simulate race day. However, none of those things were going to happen at Rio del Lago. And that’s where I tell you about the first half of the race.


Reveille Ranch 60/30K races recap

Last of the Cap’t Karls night series was held Saturday August 24. Here is the run down of Rockhoppers at the race.   First of all, huge congrats to Dave Brown and Julie K for completing the 60K series! Julie was first female in the series and Dave was 3d...


Larry Kocian’s race report

Thought I would share a quick race report with yall. I ran the Cedar Ridge 36K up near Dallas this weekend and finished 8th! This was the first race were I felt like I was decently fast over a longer distance. Hope yall enjoy. I Didn’t Hit the Wall, but...


Jemez 50K Rockhopper trip report. by Chris Russell

Here is my part 1 of my Jemez report.  Part 1 covers pre and post race stuuf. Part 2 will be a specific race report. Right upfront I want to say thank to Michelle, Elizabeth, Team Spleen, Lorenzo and the Moore’s for making this trip so much fun and memorable....



My friend Ellie and I ran a birthday Batty 50k in celebration of her turning 30 last month (we added one to grow on) and for our love of bats and being batty. The run would hit all but one of the San Marcos greenbelt parks starting at Purgatory Creek...


Hells Hills recap by our master of details, Chris Russell

Rockhoppers were out in full force at HH. Here is a recap on the performances (at least ones I know about and what I know about them–don‘t know some of the times) and some of the highlights from the day. I apologize for the inevitable omissions. Rockhopper performance of the...


Rocky Raccoon 100 – Joe Tammaro

I think it’s fair to say that running this race means more to me now than I ever thought it would. I’ve learned in life that I am a “Never Say Never” guy but to many of you that I run with – I’ve said “Never” to running a 100...

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Rocky Raccoon 100 – Tanya Espalin

My first ultra marathon was the Sunmart 50K in December 2007 at the Huntsville State Park. A year later I ran my first 50 mile in the same park. It seemed only fitting that I run my first 100 mile in the park where it all began. The Rocky Raccoon 100 consists of five 20 mile loops with a 30 hour cut-off.