Chris’ Cactus Rose recap

Chris’ Cactus Rose recap

Sat morning was gorgeous. My car thermostat was showing 41 degrees when I got to Crossroads around 745a. The sunrise was incredible. Felt weird wearing a jacket.

– While Sat morning was gorgeous…Saturday afternoon was plain hot. The high may have only hit 80 but the sun was very intense and it was a 40 degree temperature rise from the morning.

– I have come to the conclusion that most female runners are tougher than guys. When I was at Nachos in the afternoon….waiting on Sheila there were a lot of runners in bad shape. They ran too fast in the cool morning weather and then were cooked by afternoon sun.  Quite a few male runners were at Nachos for an extended period of time trying to recover. The ones that were doing a 100 almost all dropped after 50. Rebecca Gartrell came into Nachos. She ran out of water 40 minutes prior and spent a lot of time at Nachos throwing up. However, she ended up finishing 3d female in the 100.

– Finishing rate for the 100 was 45%. 42 runners started….19 finish. I think the big temperature swing was a big reason for low finishing rate.

– Rabbers is convinced that more and more rocks get thrown onto Bandera trails every year. He won’t touch the 100…which is funny coming from a guy who has done many mountain 100s.

– Some young girl was leading the 100 through mile 55. I talked to her then and she was commenting how the rocks weren’t as bad as she expected. She dropped at mile 70 and signed in the book that she was “tired of this place and she was done” (paraphrase). I guess the rocks eventually got to her.

– Times were way slower across the board. The new course is a little bit longer. 50 miler is a solid 51 miles and 100 miler is a solid 102 miles.


100 miler


Julie Koepke – 24:23. 1st female. Julie is amazing. She had very little time degradation from 1st 50 miles to 2d 50 miles. That is phenomenal because Bandera is not an easy place to run at night. Soon she will break 24.

Cara Bass – 29:25. 2d female. Cara had some struggles at times but she hung tough. Hearing mountain lion growls gave her an adrenaline boost.

Sheila Pinkson – 33:24. This was Sheila’s first 100. She was very determined the entire time which made my job as crew much easier. Not once did I have to try and talk her into continuing on.

Jean Perez – 33:32. Huge day for Jean! She got her 400 mile buckle AND earned her Cactus 500 mile jacket. Only 2d Rockhopper to do so!!!

Lisa Keough – 35:18. Really proud of Lisa. She had a really rough start to the race and was pretty discouraged after 1st loop but she stayed with it and got the finish.

Michelle Green – 65 miles of fun. I felt bad for Michelle. She really wanted this but severe nausea (couldn’t keep in any fluids/Calories) derailed her.

Monica Egner – 50 miles of fun. I also felt bad for Monica. She also really wanted this but her previously injured foot started hurting her during the race so medical convinced her to quit before the Bandera rocks made it worse.

Rich Mihalik – 50 miles of fun. Rich set a PR the first loop but the intense afternoon sun did him in. still Rich notched another 50  miles and puts him that much closer to get 500 miles out there.


50 miler


Lorenzo Sanchez – 9:08 2d male. Renzo tried to bromance with Rabbers but Rabbers 2d loop pace was even to slow for Renzo. Renzo did get close enough to 1st place runner to spook him at the end.

Rabbers – 3d male. 4th time is aa charm. After 3 DNFs here…Scott gets it done!!!!!

Adam Mendoza – 11:38. 1st Masters and smart enough not to beat Fumi’s best time at Cactus

Ed Brown – 11:56. It was great to see Ed! I haven’t seen him in awhile. Ed may have the best positive split of the day. A sizzling 4:45 first loop followed by a leisurely 7:11 enjoying the afternoon sun.

Daniel Cadena – 12:53. Daniel is a good friend of Tony’s. He looked great all day.

Tom Bowling & Ash Kabra – 13:35. They were strong first 42 miles but then ‘bonk bromanced” it the final 8 miles.

Larry Kocian – 13:51. It was also great to see Larry. Been awhile. The heat also got to Larry some the 2d loop (plus there are no rocks or hills in Houston) but he held on long enough to finish just ahead of Elizabeth.

Elizabeth Gonazalez – 13:57. Typical Elizabeth race. Her 2d loop was about the same pace as 1st loop and steadily moved up all day. She flew that last mile dropping an 8:30 pace

Katherine Fuglaar – 14:11 Great race by Katherine! She ran with Elizabeth the whole time until Elizabeth’s burst of energy at the end.

Carrie Knapp – 14:15 Carrie ran most the of the first 50 miles with Jean and Lisa. She also looked very storn at the finish. As I said…women do a better job pacing themselves.

Kay Perry & Delaine Garcia – 17:04 Kay and Delaine had a great time.  they enjoyed themselves more than anyone!

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