Rockhopper Women Dominate at Pedernales 60K!!

Rockhopper Women Dominate at Pedernales 60K!!

The Rockhopper 60K women showed up in a big way at Pedernales Falls this past weekend taking 3 of the top 4 spots‼! Other notable performances included the Assassin (Matt Smith) winning the 60K and getting some redemption after the Bighorn DNF. Tempo Tom was 1st Masters and Stefan was 2d in the 30K. Petra Gerber, who is brand new to the list was 3d in the 30K. Not to brag but I think it is notable that I completed the race in an old beat up pair of Nike Frees after forgetting my trail shoes. And no I will not be wearing them at Bandera anytime soon. My feet are still a little sore.


As always want to thank Rich and Jeannie for setting up Rockhopper Central. Sometimes we take it for granted but it is very much appreciated and enjoyed. The changing tent is a stroke of genius.


Overall I thought Brad did a good job with the race. Well marked and except for one A/S there was plenty of ice. Personally I’m not a fan of the new trails and prefer the old course but I know several folks liked the new course. But the new course is much slower than the old one.


 Here are the full results (if I overlooked anyone then speak up):




Matt  5:39 (1st Male The Assassin is back!)

Anabel 6:49 (Tied for 1st female despite falling 10 times and not taking gels)

Ed Brown 7:03:45 (always impresses)

Julie 7:18 (3d female and cheeriest runner out there. Seriously Julie had a great race and even split it again)

Kate 7:44 (4th female and newer Rockhopper. We need to get her signed up for USATF).

Tom 8:08 (Another 1st Masters trophy)

Orlando 10:20 (good start to his Cactus 100 training)

Elizabeth 11:18 (She did a great job keeping Rich company)

Rich 11:18 (I was worried about him after the first loop…the humidity was really affecting him but he got it done!)


We also had a few runners that decided they had 60K worth of fun after 30K so elected not to go back out there for a 2d loop. Their 30K times were:


Legend 3:48 (He was crowing about his old and crippled body beating my 30K time by 4 minutes but he had 15 more minutes of daylight to work in and I was wearing my Nike Frees

MJ 4:39

Jean 4:53 (Both MJ and Jean sure seemed happy not to go back out for another long humid loop. Jean was curled up under a blanket with a very happy look on her face).



Stefan 2:32 (2d Male…the king of the 30K series returns.)

Cory T 3:20 (Great effort from a new father)

Thor 3:22 (Another solid result and well positioned to finish high in sub ultra trail series)

Petra 3:35 (3d female and brand new to the list. We need to sign her up for USATF)

Rick S. 3:42 (This man is Mr Consistency. I forgot to see where he placed among Masters).

Chris R. 3:52 (Finished in top 30% overall…sounds better than saying 42d place)

Mariana 4:35 (It was weird to see her finish without either Rich or Sugar Bear there with her).

Alicia 4:36 (Solid result considering this was her longest run in a long time)

Kay 5:09 (I somehow missed getting to see Kay finished…this may have been her first night race but not sure).



Dakota – 1:22 (A 10 minute “medical” stop derailed her a bit)

Claudia Torkelson – (I didn’t write down her time but I think this was only her 2d trail race ever. Pretty good after just having a baby).

–Chris Russell


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