Latest Group runs in review

Latest Group runs in review

The first quarter of this year has brought many great Rockhopper run experiences. Experiences that will undoubtedly lead to fun end of year awards. USATF points for the Rockhoppers are accumulating also .

We have a competitive spirit but we all agree our group training runs where we share our friendly banter are the most fun.

Here then is a recap of this weekends group runs at Leon Creek, Hill Country State Natural Area, Mc Allister Park, and Boerne Stage road, hosted by various Rockhoppers.


Lisa Came out! As did Alex2,Mariana,Daniel,Orlando and Elda. The trail Gods showed us they still rule as Mariana took a tumble in the first quarter mile. This after joking in the parking lot about Trailrunners falling on smooth surfaces. I looked. No rock, stump, or branch. Sorry Marianna :-(. Besides a little bleeding and swelling, Marianna says she’ll survive.

We were moving at a pretty swift clip early on. Sandy’s ponytail was whipping joyfully as she was up front in the pack. That ponytail will lull you to sleep if she gets ahead of you at HH Chris.
We didn’t see any snakes. I assured the group they slept in but would come out on the second portion of our run, They didn’t but a whole bunch of bunny rabbits did. I took two wrong turns after taking the lead when Orlando called it a day. Sandy compared me to Wrong Way Tom.
We had fun! A great run on a cool crisp morning, and I was able to lead the group back to the parking lot.
Good to see quite a few of the Park Police on the trail and in the parking lots.
Sounds like a great group Tony! Glad to hear Sandy is running well. I am very happy for her.

We had a good group also. We had Rachel (so good to see her), Liza, Liza’s MdS pack, Splèens, Sheila, MJ, Robert, Caroline ( a gal visiting from Canada), Aash and Aash’s dog.

It was a gorgeous morning and the sun was a ball of fire when it rose. The pace was very relaxed. Liza (and her pack), Rachel and Caroline peeled off after a hour to run the hills. Not sure how many they did. On trail 7 Tanya blew past me and sending a not so subtle message on what to expect at HH 25k. Lisa and Robert headed back to the cars after 8 miles and the Spleens headed back at 12 miles. Sheila, MJ, Aash (and dog) and I finished out the 15 miles. Incidentally Aash’s name is pronounced Ash (as in the Evil Dead character…which is cool).

Great time on the trails and beautiful weather with a fun group of folks.

-Chris R.


McA Mafia/Rockhoppers met at 7:30am. A couple had come at 7am and got a head start on the group.

– We pretty much held to the plan. First loop turned into 12 miles (Jean put the hammer down starting at about 8 miles), then a relaxing 6 mile loop.
– tomorrow morning (Palm Sunday) 7:30am from Al Benkin pavilion an easy 6 miles on the Blue trail. All welcomed.
The Boston Prep run was awesome today. Like the other comments below, the weather was spectacular. It was Anabel, Stefan, Edward, Myself and a runner named Ellen. We were running from west of Boerne at 5:20am and made our way through 4 water stops with paces ranging from low to mid 7’s to 8:20 miles for the full 23.  We finished about 9am and pressed it pretty hard up and down the hills. 
-Joe T

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