The Cactus Kid reaches a milestone. 500 miles at Cactus Rose.

The Cactus Kid reaches a milestone. 500 miles at Cactus Rose.

Our “Sweet Chris” reaches his 500 mile goal at the Cactus Rose 100 on October 26.  A quest that began in 2008.

Congratulations Chris!

” I have often said over the years that while a 100 can be very empowering, paradoxically, it is very humbling because of how physically and mentally exhausted one can be. I would never have been able to accomplish it without all my friends that have trained with me, supported me, paced me, filled up my camelback or get me supplies. This race would have been a disaster without the ice bandana Rich and Don gave me or the poles that Brian loaned me. The Rockhoppers had a 71 percent finish rate for the 100. Everyone else was 40 % (when you back the Rockhoppers out of final standings). It isn’t because we are tougher than the others (heck I have a couple of Cactus DNFs to my name) but I think the support we give each other on the trail and during the race really contributes to a high percentage finishing. I know it did for me.” –Chris Russell

Congratulations to ALL the Rockhoppers who completed the 100 and 50 mile races at Cactus Rose this year.

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