Reveille Ranch 60/30K races recap

Reveille Ranch 60/30K races recap

Last of the Cap’t Karls night series was held Saturday August 24.

Here is the run down of Rockhoppers at the race.


First of all, huge congrats to Dave Brown and Julie K for completing the 60K series! Julie was first female in the series and Dave was 3d male. These are brutal, brutal races with little recovery in between. Rich completed 3 60Ks and one 30K (got tired of banging his head on the trees at Muleshoe so dropped from 60K to 30K that race). Fumi completed the 30K series. Great efforts by all of them.


60K Females:


Rachel (7:51) – The Honey Badger is back! Rachel scored the win for the 60K ladies. Rachel and Tina Jeon started the last lap together and played leapfrog until 3 miles left when Rachel made her move. She passed Tina and put the hammer down!! She said she was looking over her shoulder the last half mile and finish 1.5 minutes ahead of Tina. To make things even better Rachel finished the race in style (I’ll spare everyone the excrutiating details.


Julie (8:11) – Julie said this was her hardest race as she finished 4th after 3 straight 2d place finishes. Still 8:11 is a great time on that course and Julie was 16th out of 87 runners that started.  As mentioned previously Julie was 1st female in the series and 5th of 19 runners that completed the series. She chicked a lot of guys. The amazing was Julie’s consistency. She ran Muleshoe Bend, Co Baend and Rev Ranch all between 8 and 8:11. Even more impressive is she finished well ahead of Cory Torkelson (who was 4thoverall) the last 2 races. She’ll do great at Cactus.


Jean (dropped at 30K) – Jean was so inspired by Alex that she decided to roll her ankle at mile 8. It got progressively worse so she wisely decided to call it quits after 2 loops knowing that Cactus looms ahead. Actually, this is an ankle that has been bothering Jean for the last 3 years so hopefully she can get it healed up.


60K Males:


Dave (5:53) – Dave finally had the race he was looking for and snagged 2d place. He was able to race hard the whole time and had an exciting duel with Matt Smith. Sounds like ti was very similar to Rachel’s race. Dave and Matt were playing a little leapfrog until Dave took the lead at mile 34. Dave put on the jets with Matt’s headlight not far behind. Dave held on to finish ahead of Matt by 45 seconds. Hopefully Kim hugged the right person (she has gotten Matt and Dave confused before).


Rich (11:29) – Rich says he was DFL but he still beat the 26 people that didn’t finish the race. Rich said he just had a hard days. He started sweating profusely and it wouldn’t stop. In fact the sweat caused blisters on his feet. He sent me a pic and it was gruesome. He was drinking 70oz every 4 miles. That is Chris Russell territory. On top of that he isn’t a big fan of the course. It is tight and winding and not big guy friendly. Still Rich is tough as nails and got it done.


Alex (dropped at 30K and temporarily retiring from trail running) – After rolling his ankle for the 38th time this year Alex has decided to temporarily retire from trail running and return to the hypercompetitive world of triathlons. Alex is a good dude and hopefully doing tris won’t change him. Although word has it that he is scheduled for his body wax and speedo fitting this Thursday.


No word on how Rick Clarke did. I didn’t see his name in results. While I don’t have details Patrick Hayes ran a 8:46 for a very solid finish and Emmitt Brumley return to the racing scene after working in the fields all summer and ran 11 hours flat. Good job getting it done guys.


30K females


Fumi (3:59) – Fumi was in 3d place in the series heading into this race and was 2 min behind the 2d place girl (Allegra Steinfort). Fumi and Allegra started the 2d loop together. Allegra slowed and Fumi kept on going and smoked her by 15 minutes! Fumi ended up 3rd for the race, 2d in the series and didn’t even need an I.V.! Great job by Fumi getting it done.


Kim (4:07) – Send me to Vegas because I called it! I said Kim would be top 5 this race (I have seen how she has been improving). Sure enough she came in 5th and was only 45 seconds behind 4th place (Dave…give Kim some dig deep lessons). Anyway really proud of Kim for finishing her 3d 30K in style. Great day for the Browns!


Niki and Ellie (4:42) – BFFs Niki and Ellie did the 30K together. I don’t have any details but I’m sure they had an adventure.

And from Rick,

“Congrats to everyone who ran RR this weekend.  I bailed after 2 loops (40k was one of the distances, yeah?) – big thanks to Jean and Rich who helped me get that far.  I have work to do to be truly an ultra runner, but I will gut it out.  I ran across a shadow on the dome, only to find it was actually a large indentation full of water.  Thank you to the guy who almost followed me into the drink, and pulled me out.  Also thank you to the runner who warned me about the rattler “on the right”.  So I ran off the trail on the left and nearly got bitten.  “oh” he said after, “I meant the left”.  Great fun!”
“So 2 x 30K and one 40K for the series – I will be back next year with a lot more experience under my belt, and probably some anti-rattlesnake spray just in case.”

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