Troy’s Bandera training run report for Sunday Oct 02

Troy’s Bandera training run report for Sunday Oct 02

Nice weather out at Bandera this morning – temps in the 50’s.  In
spite of last nights confusion, lots of runners were out on the
trails.  Vidal and I started at 2am.  We started off on 2a and hit
Lucky’s, Cairn’s, Boyles and Sky Island.  Since we did’nt skip any of
the climbs we rewarded ourselves by admiring the views from “all” the
scenic overlooks.  Right before we started coming down off Cairn’s
(around 3:30) we saw a single light starting the descent off Boyles.
However we never ran into anyone.  Thought maybe it was Brian doing
hill repeats on Boyles but then later we saw his email that he was not
going to make it.  No idea who the mystery runner was.

We made our way back to Crossroads where Connie, Jean, Jessica,
Travis, Stefan, Rich & Larry joined us at 5. Vidal had had enough so
he left to head home. Took 6 and 1 to Wilderness Camp to go up Mt FUJI
and tackle the three sisters.  Angered the camping gods by talking too
loud in Wilderness Camp and were told “we are trying to sleep” at
5:45.  Not quite the controversy that Tom & Kelli created at the Grand
Canyon but oh well.

Back to Crossroads via trail 1 to pick up Rachel and John.  Connie was
not feeling well so she decided to head back to SA – hope your ok
Connie.  Since apparently there was another batch of runners getting
to the park at 7:00, we took 2a to hit Lucky’s (my 2nd time of the
morning Chris) and made our way back to Crossroads via the road from
the Lodge.  John left us at trail 4 (Last Chance) to get his miles in
on Cairns and Boyles.  Lots of horses, cattle, and cowboys at the

Jessica and I may have angered the Bandera Gods by “liking” running
the road back to Crossroads – Jessica more than I.  Larry on the other
hand built up a lifetime of good karma with the gods by showing his
utter disdain for the road.

At that point I was done with my running.  I am not going to mention
names but most of the group took the road back to the Lodge to run
Cairns, Boyles and Sky Island.  But once again Larry rose to the
occasion and built up some additional karma for himself as well as
some for Annabel by refusing to run the road back to the lodge.  He
almost negated all this karma by considiring me driving him to the
Lodge but common sense prevailed and he decided that he would run the
Sky Island saddle and meet up with the rest somewhere between there
and the Lodge.

I dont know how the rest of the run went.  Hopefully Chris will be
back next weekend to restore order and calm – and take care any light
sleepers at Wilderness Camp.


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